Ladies!! Don’t forget your chest, shoulders.. Or the rest of your upper body for that matter in your training 😉 In order to build a sexy balanced Hourglass physique, you must also train upper body. Here I’m showing an alternating incline bench press w 25lb dumbbells. This will not make you look manly 😜 it will actually make your chest perk up a little😉😉 I train chest about once a week. Happy training everyone😘
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I posted my pistol squat about a week ago. Since it’s a more advanced move, I’m sharing a great more beginner exercise to learn a pistol squat on the TRX. ❤️💪 So fun!!!
This move can also be found on my on-line training program 😉😘
Have a great workout everyone xoxo #fitfam #thickfit #fun #training #squat #trx #trxtraining #trainwithlyzabeth ❤️

This is a fun twist to crunches on the stability ball! A single foot on the wall will add instability causing small stabilizer muscles to fire giving you a stronger core❤️💪 This is just one if the over 200 exercises incl. in my on-line gym training program, 😘😘 Come get fit w me❤️💪

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I love to come up with new exercises to isolate the glutes! 💪This is one that I teach in my on-line training program, it’s a cable back kick. It’s excellent for really isolating and building the glutes. I use 100 lbs per leg and use this as a building exercise. Someone new might start with 30lbs and work their way up focusing on form first.
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Build & Burn those glutes & hammies w this version of a jump lunge!! ❤️❤️More intense than it looks!! Try it as a tabata or add a weighted vest for even more intensity!! 😅😎 CHICAGO!! I’ll be traveling from Canada to your city Aug 9&10 for some intense Hourglass Shape Technique Workshops inc. a kick ass workout. Register now at (spaces limited)😘😘 #fitfam #chicago #getthickfit #teamhourglass #hourglassworkout #trainwithlyzabeth