Giving my abs a fun challenge! Lying on a ball adds instability which makes my abs work harder and burns more calories (not a lot more cals, but it is a bonus😉). Taking one foot off the wall further adds even more instability working the core even harder… Then I add a weight… FUN!! I incl. this exercise on abs & shoulder day on my on-line training, 💗 Happy Training Everyone ❤️💪 #abs #workoutvid #personaltrainer #nike #lululemon #thickfit #teamhourglass #trainwithlyzabeth


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Abs, Abs,Abs❤️❤️❤️ Three fun exercises to strengthen your abs & core done on small equipment inc the TRX, stability ball and bosu. When abs training, it’s a great idea to hit your abs in different ways inc crunches, twisting exercises and compressing exercises (like planks) to hit all the different parts of your abdominal area❤️💪 These vids are from my on-line training program😉 Happy Training y’all 😘😘 xoxo #abs #sixpack #fitfam #thickfit #teamhourglass #fun

No workout like a @hourglassworkout Workout!!!! Pickering Girls Don’t Play!!! Check out a location near you at :) #hourglassworkout #teamhourglass

Some upper and lower body work❤️💪 Playing on my #TRX , doing some triceps presses. The closer you are to standing, the easier it is… The further your feet get from the TRX, the tougher it gets… As you can see my form is decent in the first couple of reps when I’m closer to standing🏆, but crappy on the last rep when I moved to a more adv stance, as my triceps started to fail and my bigger muscles tried to take over and my form ‘broke’ so I could get back up😁… 😜 Next up was deadlifts on the smith machine. I personally much prefer deadlifts w a barbell or Olympic bar… I figured I’d give it a try on the smith… I’m not sold… If anyone likes it in the smith better, I’d be curios to hear why as I see them on IG quite a bit… After trying them, I’d say learn proper form w a barbell and stick with it.. Just my 2 certs😉😘💪 #fitnessvid #fitfam #thickfit #teamhourglass #trainwithlyzabeth

@hourglassworkout Mississauga Ladies with a Killer workout move!! Give this one a try :) #hourglassworkout #teamhourglass