I’m loving my new fitness toys from @tf_canada inc my new functional trainers❤️❤️❤️ There’s just so many exercises that you can do😳👍 In this vid I’m showing an exercise for the ‘back’ that I love🙌 TreadmillFactory.ca is having a sale right now🏆 Check them out😄😄😄 #fitfam #hourglassworkout #treadmillfactory

This exercise is called a ‘Pull Through’ ❤️💪 While it looks awkward, I quite like it for my hamstrings & glute development😉 it’s a similar movement to a dead lift, but done with cables. This vid is a part of my on-line training program TrainWithLyzabeth.com Link in my bio 👍 #trainwithlyzabeth #fitnessvideo #fitfam

Behind the scenes at my @hourglassworkout instructor photo-shoot. At Hourglass Workout, we practice what we preach by training hard, eating clean and leading a healthy lifestyle. ❤️❤️❤️ Come and join us for an amazing body shaping, intense class at HourglassWorkout.com . If you’re not in Toronto, join me on-line at TrainWithLyzabeth.com #fitfam #teamhourglass #abs #itsalifestyle

Ab Day!!! Hanging leg raises… Love/Hate Relationship ❤️😈… #abs #fitfam #teamhourglass

Let’s build that booty!!! Doing glute kick backs on the smith machine is both challenging and awesome! Great for sculpting the glutes & hamstrings🏆 Happy Training everyone 💋💋 Check out my full on-line training system at TrainWithLyzabeth.com 😄 #fitfam #teamglutes #fitnessvideo

Love this kettle bell move for abs & glute development👍 it’s a lateral lunge with a twist… So fun!! I also love the ability to get your heart rate up w a kettle bell workout adding an awesome fat burn!!! Getting carnival ready☀️👙 ** Follow my new fitness page: @Lyzabeth_Lopez for more fitness vids 😘 #saldenah #caribana #fitfam

These are three of my VERY favorite exercises for abs & glute development. As much as I mix up my training to keep my body guessing… I still probably do these exercises weekly… Happy Training everyone💋💋 (Want to train w me? Check out my on-line training! Link in my bio) 🙌 #fitfam #trainwithlyzabeth #teamglutes

This is a fun, almost full body move on the bosu! (Harder than it looks) 😉 It combines a bosu mountain climber w a push-up… Fun!😆🙌 its an Hourglass Workout favorite👌 Hapoy Training 💋💋 #hourglassworkout #fitfam #workout

Playing on my @corestrength1 machine w my strength bands from @tf_canada ! Excellent power exercise that you can do almost anywhere! Great for abs, legs, fat burn and more! So much fun training at the @hourglassworkout studio!! Woot woot🙌❤️👍 Happy Training everyone💋💋 #fitfam #treadmillfactory #corestrength1

Sunday fun at my Hourglass Workout Toronto Studio💪 In this vid I’m doing cable crunches❤️ These are great for chiseling out a 6-pack!!! 👍 Keep in mind , at the end if the day, all ab exercises are about the mind/muscle connection and the breath. So, be ‘present’ when training abs, and focus into those muscles!!! Happy Training 💋💋 #fitfam #abs #workoutvid